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The digital art of Huub Slabbers

In 1994, at the age of 84, Huub Slabbers fell under the spell of the new digital graphics capabilities of the Apple Macintosh computer. Finally freed from 'the hassle with brushes, paint and water', as he himself called it, he unleashed creativity in a whole new way and unleashed his many years of experience as an artist in what we now call his digital legacy: nearly 1,500 digital artworks, stored on Iomega zip disks, provided with stickers with its numbering.

The combination of a tight focus and a diet of crackers and vegetable soup helped him realize his Magnum Opus. An incredible explosion of zest for life and painting unparalleled in early digital art, in one big experiment from Photoshop. The original work has now been made accessible, archived and adapted to current printing techniques according to fixed ISO standards, so that Huub's art can be enjoyed again sparklingly ...